Aenocyon dirus Reuzenwolf Rebor nu leverbaar

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REBOR 161106 - 1:11±1 Aenocyon dirus (Dire Wolf) "LOW ROAR" Plain Ver.
Deluxe Pack *1    wordt geleverd met 3 verwisselbare wolfskoppen.


Please note: all figurines are handpainted. This makes each figurine a one of a kind and might vary from the shown picture (color as well as the paint job itself). As far as packing allows, we try to identify flaws, that are different from the variations above. The variations and even small imperfections do not count as flaws, they are a part of the product and make each figurine as unique as it is.

Item weight:0,34 kg
Dimensions ( Length × Width × Height ):18,60 × 6,00 × 9,00 cm



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