Koolasuchus cleelandi CollectA 88988

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Koolasuchus cleelandi  CollectA 88998 

Koolasuchus cleelandi

New21.4cm x 4cm

Period:Lower Cretaceous
Meaning:Cleeland and Kool’s cool crocodile
  • Koolasuchus was the last of its kind, living in fast flowing rivers in Early Cretaceous Australia. An ambush predator, the colour scheme chosen would have helped to camouflage this alligator-sized temnospondyl as it lurked amongst the underwater vegetation. Its mouth was huge, more than half a metre in diameter and pairs of tusks and tiny teeth have been added to the roof of the mouth. Once Koolasuchus had grabbed its prey, perhaps even small dinosaurs coming down to the water's edge to get a drink, there was no escape.
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