Giganotosaurus carolinii Eofauna

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Prehistorisch dinosaurus speelgoed model van EO Fauna. Prachtig vormgegeven. Het team van EO fauna bestaat uit specialisten en wetenschappers.


It was one of the largest land predators that ever existed. It roamed Argentina in theearly part of the Late Cretaceous, co-existing withgiant titanosaur sauropods, medium-sized ornithischians and smaller meat-eating dinosaurs. It was the dominant, apex predator of its ecosystem.

This PVC figure includes a bonus collectible/playing card.

If you would like to improve the position of your figure legs, clic here to download a document for printing.

Dimensions: 1:35 – 38 x 11 cm

Species:G. carolinii
Length:12 – 13 m
Epoch:early Late Cretaceous
Place:South America
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